Tenant Move Out & Vacate

A 30-Day Notice (Form F74) to move out must be in writing and is not in effect until the notice is received by HOAG. Verbal communication with Resident Managers, Property Supervisors, or other employees does not constitute a legal notice. To obtain the form please contact your Resident Manager or click the above link. After completion, return the notice to your Resident Manager or fax to (562) 862-1723, or return to the main office located at 10551 Paramount Blvd., Downey, CA. It is important to include the exact date you are expected to move. If you do not vacate by that date and need an extension a new 30 day notice will be required for that time period. (Note: an intent to vacate must be in writing and if you do not have the ability to gain access to the above form you may simply write your intent on a piece of paper and forward to us via any of the three methods indicated above. Do not forget to include a correct forwarding address.)

Before completely vacating your unit be sure to have your utility services turned off so that you don’t get over charged. Make sure you provide them a forwarding address to your service provider so you can pay your last bill.

Upon vacating, return all keys and gate remotes (if applicable) to the office. You will be subject to a $50.00 charge for each remote not returned.

Keys must be turned into your Resident Manager or to the office in a timely manner. It is important to note that you are legally still in possession of the unit until such time as the keys are turned in. You could be subject to daily pro-rated rent for each day the keys are not turned in. 

Tenant Intent To Vacate